Be totally charmed by Burlington Vermont

Be totally charmed by Burlington Vermont

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Can you picture the last time you felt pure relief? A little euphoria? Well, I think relief is largely to credit for my love of Burlington, Vermont. I was trying to get a second back-to-back 90 day visa for entry in to the USA and I’d been filled full of scare-mongering stories of passport rejection! But I made it. After 3 months’ travel I was thrilled not to be overhauling plans and flying back to London, and this quaint little spot made the perfect re-entry destination. HAPPY!


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HIRE A BIKE | Burlington, Vermont has a lovely waterfront paved stretch called the Island Line Trail. I hired a bike from town and spent a leisurely couple of hours exploring.

burlington vermont
Me and my bike. Just chillin.

WATERFRONT PARK | I arrived in Burlington, Vermont in late June, and this town felt decidedly sleepy. The boathouse and Boardwalk have a pleasant regular buzz about them, so while away the time and watch the boats bobbing on Lake Champlain. It’s a really pretty spot.

burlington vermont
Lake Champlain borders Vermont, New York and Canada
burlington vermont
Endless uninterrupted views
burlington vermont
Dramatic skies and bobbing boats by the boathouse
burlington vermont
Burlington Boardwalk is perfect at sunset

GREYHOUND | you won’t often hear me say this about the state of Greyhound buses, but the connection between Montreal, Canada and Burlington, Vermont was seamless. The Alburg / Noyan border crossing was stress free and quick. I was not unnecessarily challenged over my visa status, which is a good thing as I was a legitimate long-time tourist!


DAILY PLANET | Now that I had a visa extension, my USA road trip also came with a serious budget curb. Having met fellow travellers who recommended I totally landed on my feet in Burlington, and stayed for 3 nights with a legend called Bart. We shared travel stories over a drink at this local eclectic bar.

BEN AND JERRY’S | who’d have thought this global brand now owned by Unilever (more’s the pity) would hail originally from Burlington, Vermont? Ben Cohen – co-founder with Jerry Greenfield – has severe anosmia, a lack of a sense of smell or taste, and so relied on “mouth feel” and texture to provide variety in his diet: this led to the company’s trademark chunks. Now there’s a store nestled on lovely Church Street in the centre of town.

burlington vermont
Church Street is quaint and small-townsy. Ben and Jerry’s is as exciting as it gets.
burlington vermont
Or you could opt for Maple Creamies

UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT | Burlington feels like the Uni, which supports a large Agricultural College as well (and has a long history toward operational environmental sustainability on its campus), is a big part of the community. As such there’s a youthful, fun vibe around town and you can pick up Vermont Catamounts sports memorabilia should you want to feel the part!


DAS BIERHAUS | this German themed bar was drawing a crowd and had a lovely roof top, but I wanted American living not snitzel! Bart and some friends tried to convince me on the merits of pretzels, but I stand by the opinion that they are dry and bland.

WET WEATHER | I enjoyed my handful of days in this lovely town, but I have no idea what you would do in bad weather! There’s a lovely independent cinema Merrill’s Roxy and Wholefoods contender Healthy Living to feast at! Pray for some sunshine so you can enjoy the outdoors.

HOSTEL | it wouldn’t be fair to say don’t stay at The Burlington Hostel – I walked in, and then decided to give couch surfing a whirl. It has great reviews and an awesome central location. I would observe two things though: the hostel felt super quiet (maybe seasonal?), and part of my great experience staying in Burlington was how homely it felt staying with a host.

burlington vermont
My fab couch surfing pad – not the whole thing, obviously!


HILDENE | in Manchester, Vermont, is the summer home of Lincoln’s son. Yes son, granted, but I’m not interested in the famous names: I just LOVE grand houses and a chance to noisy around them. I would love to travel to this area in Fall and see the incredible reds, oranges, and yellows of the foliage.

burlington vermont
Photo credit: unknown

AND KNOW THIS: Vermont became the 14th state in 1791; it was the first admitted after the thirteen colonies. Before that, it was its very own country. Founded in 1777, the Vermont Republic operated a post office, issued its own currency called Vermont coppers, and abolished slavery – a progressive kind of place then!


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