The Volunteer State | Nashville, Tennessee

The Volunteer State | Nashville, Tennessee

I had a lot of fun in the small handful of places I visited in Tennessee – Memphis, Bonnaroo festival, and Nashville. It’s a friendly place with both a rich music history and a talented music present. Nashville, Tennessee itself is fairly small, but is bursting at the seams with venue and bar options if that’s your thang. I’d definitely recommend a visit.

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LIVE MUSIC | is really everywhere in fabulous Nashville. I had a such a good time here, fuelled by a great crowd in the hostel I was staying at. You’ll find any kind of music you could possibly want to listen to, albeit the area is known for Blue Grass. Places like the Fiddle and Steel (sadly perhaps closed) on Printer’s Alley do regular open mic nights, where people come to try to get a break the non-X Factor way. Also check out: pool and karaoke next door.

nashville tennessee
Famous Pitcher’s Alley in Nashville is reportedly sadly on the decline with few venues still open
nashville tennessee
Maybe this is what it takes to keep Printer’s Alley interesting!

BONNAROO | 13th June 2013, and we head in to this major American festival in Manchester, Tennessee, as a group of 6 – 1 Brit that’d be me, 1 American, and 4 Aussies. It’s certainly fun – one of your more mainstream options, but with a host of good music (Alt J, The XX, Pretty Lights, Bjork, R Kelly, Billy Idol, Empire of The Sun, Boyz Noize, The National, Macklemore). Paul McCartney headlined Friday and Tom Petty Sunday, who were both complete show stoppers: I guess that’s testament to being in the business for so long. The other festival-goers are fun and there’s a good post-music camp party atmosphere to boost.

nashville tennessee
Looks like everyone is excited to get there – expect queues
nashville tennessee
Sir Paul McCartney entertaining the crowds
nashville tennessee
Bonnaroo huge outdoor music tents, with a fairly confusing naming convention
nashville tennessee
… and the not so fun part: cleaning the RV and driving it back to Chicago

EAST NASHVILLE | as I had a car we took it to this lovely suburb full of vintage shops, ice cream stores and a Farmers Market. Makes for a pleasant contrast to the glaring neon lights and cowboy energy of downtown, the latter which can be seen from East Nashville if you find a decent viewpoint.


DOWNTOWN HOSTEL | this place on First Street is a great hostel, and I’d imagine one of the best central meeting points for the many talented, aspiring musicians that seem to flock in and out of the city. My roomie Mascha asked me what instrument I played. Hmm, nothing. Does that mean I have to leave?! It’s perfectly located for all the fun that Broadway offers. Also check out: bargain sushi from Sam’s (also apparently might be closed! Shame).

nashville tennessee
Broadway is the main street cutting through Nashville and full of bars and live music
nashville tennessee
Yep – it’s Honky Tonk central. Music for all tastes in Nashville. And the AT&T Tower aka ‘Batman Building’.

PUCKETT’S GROCERY | ate here for my 31st birthday in Nashville, and had a great Southern evening of dining on BBQ pork and drinking with good friends. This place was bustling and I’d recommend checking it out for a home cooking style treat.

ROBERT’S WESTERN WORLD | I really liked this place on Broadway – a cool bar, with a fun-loving slightly older and probably more local crowd, cowboy boots lining the walls, and live bands keeping the drinkers entertained.

nashville tennessee
Neon everywhere along Broadway


CARPARKS | on our way to Bonnaroo and as my second visit to Nashville, we had a huge 6 man RV to park up in the centre of downtown. This was no mean feat, and also not fun having to creep out under cover of darkness for a wee.

MEMORY LOSS | Nashville isn’t debaucherous to the level of New Orleans, but it’s certainly a party town. I actually left feeling like I’d only really skimmed the surface, instead bumbling happily from one bar to the next. But hey – it’s hard not to have fun in a place where the bars have night of free beer. Yep, no catch. Just completely free.

nashville tennessee
Fun bars, fun times
nashville tennessee
Food trucks for those late night cravings

BREWHOUSE | and other Sports Bars like this, that are just oh so popular in America, but for me lack any character and just host a room full of people staring at a choice of 20 big TV screens. In a place like Nashville in particular, there’s so many better choices.


THE GRAND OLE OPRY | is the show that made country and western music famous. It started back in 1925 on radio station WSM as a one hour barn dance, and has launched many a career. Now it’s a weekly stage concert that is also still broadcast, attracting millions of radio and internet listeners.

AND KNOW THIS: In 1928 blind Vanderbilt University student Morris Frank decided to look into a rumour about using ‘seeing-eye dogs’ as guides. He brought the very first dog back to the U.S. and started The Seeing Eye Inc. in Nashville.


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