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Me in New York with my sister in July 2013


I have been passionately exploring the world since turning eighteen, almost 13 years ago, gulp. My first adventure was inspired by my Sixth Form art teacher who can take full responsibility for my postponing the calling of uni life for twelve months, and heading Down Under (sold on the idea of sheep shearing, of all things). I don’t think the notion of a travel blog really existed then!

During those months away from all things Home, I soaked up the rich cultures, experiences and challenges of Thailand, Bali, Singapore, Australia, Sumatra, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, returning very much hooked. And the thrill of visiting other countries hasn’t ever left me since.

For me, my journeys are not about ‘wandering’, or the notion of being ‘a traveller’. My journeys always have purpose: I happily admit I’m a box-ticker! I don’t need luxury or tourist-sugar-coated versions of a place, but I do thrive on seeking out all the best bits. I want to see everywhere worth seeing at least once in my lifetime.

This drive is reflected in the structure of this travel blog (which has been on my to-do list for yonks. Tick). This is my honest opinion of the places I’ve been lucky enough to go to so far. If my attitude resonates with your own, then all I hope is that you find the ‘must see’, ‘worth-a-look’, and ‘give it a miss’ quick summaries useful. Please do leave your comments as I’d love to hear them.

Back in London since 2013, I work in Digital Media Marketing and continue to prioritise regular holidays. A 2014 New Year’s Resolution was to visit a different European city each month, so long as they transport cost less than £100 return – and I succeeded! I will share all my adventures – as well as pics – right here, or contact me on

Isabella Bird, travel blog
Portrait of Isabella Bird, born 1831


And what’s in the name? Isabella Lucy Bird was a nineteenth-century English explorer, writer, photographer and naturalist, and it inspires me to remember the determination of women like this.

She broke boundaries almost 2 centuries ago, also starting her journey in Australia; visiting the wonderful islands of Hawaii; before a no doubt harrowing 800 mile horse ride through the Rocky Mountains. One fact to make me grateful to Greyhound. A handful of women had gone before her (2 French; 1 Viennese; 1 other archeologist Brit), but Isabella truly notched up the miles through North America, Japan, Korea, China, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Persia, Kurdistan, Turkey, and Morocco. A lady after my own heart.

The more I learn of Isabella Bird (The Daily Mail published this article) the more inspired I am:

– she didn’t become famous as a travel writer until she was 44 (makes me feel better about this travel blog!);

– at 60 years old she discovered photography, and clearly had an eye for it;

– just shy of her seventy-third birthday she was still planning another trip to China. Respect that.

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