Is it worth it? Two days in Corfu

Is it worth it? Two days in Corfu

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Ah, Corfu! In hindsight this was a fairly random way to end 2 weeks in the Balkans, contrasting the untainted beauty and rugged charm of Albania, with the vibrancy that exists on so many of the Greek Islands plus established tourism of Corfu. It was definitely fun. Here’s what we did over two days in Corfu:


PALEOKASTRITSA | what a brilliant find. I would definitely recommend this area as an option to stay, due to its wealth of restaurants, sparkling coves, and popular beaches. Also check out: we ate at Niko’s.

two days in corfu
Beautiful Paleokastritsa beach, with Niko’s where we ate in the distance

PELEKAS | this lovely little town reminds you that tourism hasn’t entirely consumed Corfu. This is white-washed-back-streets, pretty church and locals-territory kind of place. Plus the views are fabulous. Also check out: continue further up to Kaiser’s Throne.

two days in corfu
View from Kaiser’s Throne of Corfu Town, as named after Kaiser Wilhelm II who loved the village of Pelekas

GYROS | it’s so hard not to have food on the brain in Greece! God, I love these things: simple, tasty, cheap, fresh, everywhere. You’re talking 2.50 euro and a very satisfying lunch.

two days in corfu
Get in ma belly!


AGIOS GORDIOS | we opted to stay in this area due to some rushed online research on forums, plus wanting some beach action for our last days (versus Corfu Town). It’s nice enough and good to swim, but patches of the beach are rocky/seaweed, and good luck finding sand between rows of bar loungers. Also check out: the Romantic Palace was a lovely meal and very attentive family run business.

two days in corfu
The south end of Agios Gordios (the loungers are out of frame!)
two days in corfu
The view of Agios Gordios from the road which winds down to the village
two days in corfu
Walk north around the headland and past Black Rocks restaurant to lovely beaches and this wreck

SINARADES | reached via Agios Gordios road, Sinarades is an ancient Greek village nestled in the mountainside and forgotten by tourism. I only got to glimpse it passing through, but it eluded an older world charm and I could have easily spent a few hours there.

HIRING QUADS | when you’re in a place for only a short time, sometimes wheels are the only way to explore! The quad was 40 euro for half a day and meant we could bomb it up the west coast and see parts that would have been missed otherwise.


THE PINK PALACE | for the first time I got totally stitched via airbnb, due to a complete miss-sell by the host. Ended up in this monstrosity, renown amongst – as I found out later – 18 year olds who want to get laid. I’m 33. The welcome pink shot of ouzo set the tone….

two days in corfu
Oh you – the Pink Palace. Great if you’re 18 and horny.

HIRING KAYAKS | and if Quads are always a good idea, kayaks are most certainly always a bad one! We set off from Agios Gordios heading north and the paddling was SO slow and tedious. Personally, I say give it a miss.

CORFU AIRPORT | sometimes a bit of airport time is fun: relax, shop, and grab a bite to eat. Not this airport! Avoid spending anytime here – you really don’t need to, it’s tiny and slack re: security. A stressful end to what was actually a great couple of days.


CORFU TOWN | was sad to miss this: the city has become known as a Kastropolis (Castle City) because of its two castles and in 2007, the old town of the city was UNESCO World Heritage Listed.

two days in corfu
Bye bye Corfu – two weeks of holidaying over, and a final glimpse of Corfu Town

AND KNOW THIS: Watch out on Good Friday when, as part of the Easter celebration, it is a custom to break ceramic pots, and people throw them from their balconies!

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