USA road trip | 5 months West to East, and everything in between

USA road trip | 5 months West to East, and everything in between

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In March 2013 I left my home in Sydney of 4 years, and headed back to England. Never one to pass up an excuse to travel, I set off on the best adventure I’ve been on to date: a 5 month USA road trip across the States, with a sprinkling of Canada for good measure.

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usa road trip
Ticket to ride

–> –> –> first stop The Golden State | California –> –> –>

My plan?

Fly in to LA and start in the West, then cover the ‘middle bit’ (yeah, my geography is not great), and end on the East coast, flying to Heathrow from New York. There wasn’t much more detail than that. I was travelling solo on my USA road trip, but meeting family and friends along the way. I knew where I’d like to see, but not in any order and had nothing booked.

To say I was disorganised is an understatement. I’m not recommending this approach! Instead, hopefully I can share some tips so your travels might run more smoothly. I left without an ESTA visa, forgot insurance, no mighty phone charger, and a flight that left NYC past my 90 day max stay which I had totally overlooked. Whoops. (Remember these things, apparently they’re important).

My adventure?

I maxed out my first 90 days in the USA, then travelled to Canada for 10 days, and was able to return to the States once more crossing from Montreal to Burlington. I covered 30 states and no doubt 1000s of miles – I didn’t keep count! In the early weeks I accidentally blew my roughly $70AUD (£35) daily budget, eventually curbing this to a strict $10USD (£6.50!) thanks to kind couch-surfing hosts, good friends, and a poor diet.

And now?

I’ve been back in London for 2 years and it’s about time I created something more substantial than fading memories. For myself first and foremost, and also to share with you. I’m going to write 30 posts, for 30 states. Photo heavy with links to places to eat, stay and visit.


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